History Of

A culture that began in 1994

MCQP started in 1994 as a highlight on the Cape Town gay calendar and has gathered a cult following of fun-loving creatures to become SA’s biggest dress-up parties.

The Look

Each year, event director Ian McMahon and his team devises a spectacular theme for the annual event in December. The aim is simple; to create a universe where partygoers can unleash their creative alter-egos, unrestricted by everyday conventions. Patrons have about two months to come up with original, innovative, and fabulous outfits to wear for their moment in the limelight.

Setting The Scene

As with all memorable events, it’s all about location, location, location! And there’s no better setting than Cape Town for this free-spirited gathering. To keep the scenery ever-fresh, MCQP has rocked several iconic venues in and around the Mother City, claiming first page headlines along the way and making waves way beyond the country’s border. For this year’s festivities, as a supernatural fit, Ian has selected the Castle of Good Hope to bring the Dungeons & Dragons theme to life.

Eager Excitement

MCQP is not just a dress-up party. It’s a place where people get together without judgement and express themselves as they want. It’s a place of love and fun, where the mundane is forgotten and replaced by a joyous rush of camaraderie.